"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello, Blog World...how I've missed you.

Post-Transfer Day #9, February 6, 2010
Dexamethasone tablet (1 tablet in the AM)
Prenatal Vitamin
Folic Acid
Progesterone injection (50 mg in the PM)
E2V Progesterone suppository (1 before bedtime)

I'm back! Thank God up above I have recovered! There were a few moments when I wondered if I was truly on my way out of this world and was wishing at some points I would just die. Dramatic, yes. But oh so dreadful. There are few things worse in this world than a vicious stomach virus, especially one that attacks mid-day while your sitting at your desk at work during month-end close. I will spare most of the ugly details. It hasn't been that often that I have text messaged Keith while he was working and told him "you have to come home now." Unfortunately, he couldn't. So, he did the best thing a husband could ever do....he called Mom. And she came runnin'. This was the first time I've ever been so sick that I was immobile, unable to form words properly, and was practically unconcious. Mom loves me. She has to, especially after what she endured Wednesday and Thursday. The scene into which she walked in on Wednesday was nothing short of a disgusting bathroom disaster gone haywire. We camped in the living room both nights. I really don't remember much, but I don't think we slept at all Wednesday night. In between 30 minute intervals of dry heaves, we may have dozed. I hope and pray she stays well. She sprayed lots of Lysol, cleaned alot, and wore her face mask while she was here. I love her.

Day after tomorrow is my bloodtest. I can't put into words how ready I am for this chapter of my life to be done. This has been the longest ordeal. I'm past sick and tired of this shot in my bum every night. I'm past sick and tired of having to REMEMBER to take this shot in my bum every night. I woke up an absolute pill this morning. Thank goodness Keith is still asleep. The dogs got to endure my viciousness. I've simmered down now.

I'm about to make a completely honest statement. I don't feel pregnant. There were a few days at first where I did with the twinges and fullness. Now, not so much. I'm so ready to know either way so we can move on to wherever it is we need to move. My patience only goes so far, and mine has long been spent. I think I'm already experiencing alittle bit of disappointment in preparation of not having to ruin a perfectly good week next week. Pessimistic? No, just realistic. My body is sick of this, and it's saying let's get on with it, please! Enough is enough!

I can tell by this post that I need to get out of the house today. I'm using exclamation points.

Loves to all.

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  1. Thinking about you. Good Luck tomorrow ( I know it is past luck and is out of your hands at this point but...) Be strong. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don't see the reason, but God has a plan. Hugs and preggy vibes to you!