"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, August 5, 2011

Water is the answer!

I've been getting so much advice since becoming pregnant. Some of it has been welcomed....some of it has been uninvited. I work in a large office building, and word travels fast. And, I am one of about ten women there who is expecting a little one. I find it amazing at what some people say! And with each comment and with each day of hormonal surging, I'm finding it difficult to control my response. I've also noticed how women's eyes automatically travel to my mid-section now.

If you are experiencing nausea, I may have the cure that will work for you. Here is a brief list of suggestions I've been given.

Sierra Mist
Ginger Candy
some kind of lollipop
lemon drops
Jolly Ranchers
Ginger Ale
Fruit Loops

Top FOUR Comments I'm not quite sure how to respond to:

"Are you excited?!?" (((Excited, yes! But, I'm also nervous and scared and anxious. And nauseated. Maybe one day soon, "excited" will be the very first emotion that comes to mind when it comes to my pregnancy. I will be VERY EXCITED when my baby arrives safe and sound.)))

"Glad it's you and not me!" ((( this coming from someone who has no idea who she is talking to and apparently hasn't used her nosey-ness enough to find out from someone else that I actually went through IVF and got pregnant ON PURPOSE. I thought about sharing, but she was too busy talking about how her three year old poops in her pants while watching TV instead of leaving the room and going to the potty. Sorry, no pity here. And no, unlike you who can't wait to be rid of your daughter for a weekend, it will be a long time before I'm ready for some "me time." I've had enough "me time" for awhile. Thanks.)))

"There is SOMETHING in the water!" ((( seriously??? I wish I would've known! Maybe that was my problem all along.....maybe I wasn't drinking enough of the stuff. )))


"You just wait." (((Hmmmm....OK. I'm used to waiting. And how about YOU WAIT....while I punch you in the......never mind.)))