"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 8, 2013

Connor will be 17 months old tomorrow...

Wow, I never blog.  In case I still have any followers, here are a few current pictures of our sweet little man, Connor.

He's running everywhere, never gets tired of playing, and is just a barrel of fun, curls, and cuteness! 

He was walking at 10 months old.  He has 10 teeth!   He mainly enjoys JUNK FOOD.  Cheetos, goldfish, club crackers.  He will eat baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries, fish, cheese, Cheerios with milk, toast, tacos, tuna salad, oranges, and rice.  He also likes all kinds of soups. 

He loves playing with his shape sorter, his blocks, his big yellow school bus, and my Tupperware.  He loves being outside more than anything in the world.  He loves swinging in the front porch swing, playing in his sandbox, and riding in his wagon.  He likes to wear hats and caps when we go places.  He always notices motorcycles and tractors! 

He has a large vocabulary.  His most common words are:

Car = "cah"
Truck = "truh"
Mama = "ma" or "mama"
Dad = "dah"
Molly (our dachshund) = "mah"
Fish = "shish"
Bottle = "ba"
Chips = "ships"
Shoes = "shhhsh"
Papaw = "pop"
Spoon = "oon"
Foot = "tut"
Book = "buh-k"
Hot = "haaaah"

He also gives kisses and blows kisses!  Words can't express how grateful I am each day for him.  He keeps us all on our toes 24/7.  As my Mom says, he's keeping us young!  He has never been a heavy sleeper and still isn't.  He still wakes up at least once a night, mainly just for a snuggle.  He does, however, sleep in his baby bed in his own room.   

He weighs 24 lbs.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Monday, December 3, 2012

What we've been up to....

The terrible blogger is just checking in with some recent pictures of my favorite little man.  Where does the time go!?  He will be 10 months old in 6 days. 

I left my full time career as an accountant in July and now only work 2-3 days per work for a small apprenticeship program.  My hours are flexible, and my priority of motherhood is encouraged, admired, and understood by my employers.  It's a big financial sacrifice, but it's amazing what you can truly live without.  I'm still detoxing from the "I see it, want it, buy it" syndrome, but the trade-off is immeasurable. 

Connor is such a joy.  He is sleeping better (with us.  Yes, we caved.)  He loves to eat and doesn't turn any foods away.  He especially loves fruit, including apples and bananas.  He's exploring and crawling everywhere and has started standing on his own.  No steps yet!  He has four teeth....two bottom and two top.  He never meets a stranger.  He loves being outside.  He babbles a lot and he says "mamamamamama."  His laughter and smile are intoxicating.  He keeps us very busy, very entertained, and very happy.  I love being his Mama, and I thank God for this beautiful blue-eyed miracle everyday.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He is changing.

It is hard for me to believe Connor will be three months old tomorrow.  Time needs to slow down just a touch!  I went back to work last Monday.  Boo!!!  But, I couldn't be more blessed with my Mom keeping him each day.  They are both enjoying their time together during the day.  But, oh, how I miss him.

Connor, you are my dreams come true.  You are more precious to me than the air I breathe. 

You are growing  fast!  I love watching each day unfold with something new you discover in your world.  Just yesterday, you discovered you can touch your cheek and eye with your hand.  You enjoy your bottle about every three hours.  It took us a bit to get your formula right, but we got lucky after two tries.  En famil seemed to give you acid reflux, so we switched to Sim ilac.  And you've had no problems on it.  Sometimes we would give you a dose of gripe water to help you relax if you seemed to have alittle reflux, and it worked wonders!  Sometimes figuring out was is wrong is a challenge for your Mommy.  Thank you for always being patient with me.

You weighed 12.5 pounds at your last check-up.  You had your two month shots and were a trooper!  You didn't cry much or run fever afterwards.  Last night was the second night in a row that you've slept through the night from 10 - 5.  We had some pretty long nights together during your first two and a half months.  I think you were afraid of missing something.  Sleep was actually quite rare around here.  Mommy tried to nap when you did, but you didn't nap a whole lot.  Some mornings, you were as exhausted as Mommy, but we still enjoyed our day together!  And those slumber party all-nighters we shared together were really okay.  They meant more time with you.  Your Granna would help me some mornings.  She would come pick you up early so Mommy could get just a couple of hours of sleep.  That really helped a lot.  We love her so much!  I was home with you for the first 12 weeks of your sweet life.  Those weeks were the best weeks of my life. 

Beginning when you were about two months old, we started adding a small amount of rice cereal to your night-time bottle.  Your doctor recommended we try it to see if you would sleep longer at night.  We didn't notice much of a difference, but you really enjoy your nightly bottle of cereal, so we have continued it each night. 

You really get a kick out of your mobiles, both at home and at Granna's.  You also are attracted to any type of emblem or pattern on clothes.  You favorite thing in the world is to be held and rocked.  You've never cared much for a pacifier, but there are times when you want to relax and enjoy it.  When you get upset, a pacifier is the last thing you want.  You do not enjoy your car seat.  I think it's because you get tired of it and don't understand why no one will pick you up out of it.  It breaks my heart for you to get so upset.  There is no consoling you when you get angry in the car. Your head gets wet with sweat, and your clothes get damp with one of your fits.  I can tell your feelings are hurt when I am finally able to get you out of it.  I hope you grow to enjoy your car seat soon, as it will be a part of your life for awhile.

Your hair is strawberry blond (more red in some light,) and you have blue eyes.  You move your hands a lot and have since the day you were born.  The bright light outside hurts your eyes, but I've noticed you are getting used to it.  You are starting to enjoy being outside.  You are noticing things and trying to reach for things that interest you.  You like your changing table and do alot of smiling there!

You're holding your head up on your own now, so we will be trying you on food soon! 

Love you to the moon and back!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Connor Morgan

Even though it seems I've completely abandoned my blog, I wanted to drop by to introduce someone!
Connor was born via c-section February 9 at 36 weeks. He weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and was 19 3/4 inches long. He is perfect in every way.
This journey was worth every mile. I'm completely in love with him.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

17 Weeks

Hello, dear bloggie friends!

I don't know where the time goes. It's been so long since I posted. All is well with us. I am 17 weeks along and starting to feel normal again. The morning sickness has finally subsided (I think.) I still get ill if I eat too much, and there are times when I get sick at my stomach for no reason at all. But, it's so nice to not be sick day in and out.

So far, I'm pleased with both of my doctors. I'm seeing both of them every four weeks. Both are concerned with my blood pressure, so I'm taking my BP meds twice a day now instead of only once. My 17 week appointment was this past Thursday, and my BP was perfect. Hopefully, it will stay that way! Because our little one's legs were bent upward and its feet were crossed, we still don't know if our baby is a boy or girl. Bummer. But, what a sweet face we saw.

We ordered our baby furniture a couple of weeks ago from B.abies R Us. Surprisingly, I chose the set quickly! It's in, so we'll be going to pick it up next weekend. I plan to post pictures soon!

No weird cravings. No appetite at all really. And when I eat, I can't eat much. I am enjoying real Coca-Cola (and I'm trying to limit myself to only one per day) and salty things, especially chips. My gag reflex is on at all times, especially when I cough, sneeze, take my inhaler, or brush my teeth. Garlic smells are unpleasant, and the smell of the Cascade dishwasher soap I use is revolting. It doesn't even smell like soap anymore! That isn't so bad....just means K has to be in charge of the dishes. I've noticed acid reflux is worse if I let myself go too long without eating, so I try to eat small meals.

This pregnancy is going by so fast. I'm trying to enjoy every moment.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Water is the answer!

I've been getting so much advice since becoming pregnant. Some of it has been welcomed....some of it has been uninvited. I work in a large office building, and word travels fast. And, I am one of about ten women there who is expecting a little one. I find it amazing at what some people say! And with each comment and with each day of hormonal surging, I'm finding it difficult to control my response. I've also noticed how women's eyes automatically travel to my mid-section now.

If you are experiencing nausea, I may have the cure that will work for you. Here is a brief list of suggestions I've been given.

Sierra Mist
Ginger Candy
some kind of lollipop
lemon drops
Jolly Ranchers
Ginger Ale
Fruit Loops

Top FOUR Comments I'm not quite sure how to respond to:

"Are you excited?!?" (((Excited, yes! But, I'm also nervous and scared and anxious. And nauseated. Maybe one day soon, "excited" will be the very first emotion that comes to mind when it comes to my pregnancy. I will be VERY EXCITED when my baby arrives safe and sound.)))

"Glad it's you and not me!" ((( this coming from someone who has no idea who she is talking to and apparently hasn't used her nosey-ness enough to find out from someone else that I actually went through IVF and got pregnant ON PURPOSE. I thought about sharing, but she was too busy talking about how her three year old poops in her pants while watching TV instead of leaving the room and going to the potty. Sorry, no pity here. And no, unlike you who can't wait to be rid of your daughter for a weekend, it will be a long time before I'm ready for some "me time." I've had enough "me time" for awhile. Thanks.)))

"There is SOMETHING in the water!" ((( seriously??? I wish I would've known! Maybe that was my problem all along.....maybe I wasn't drinking enough of the stuff. )))


"You just wait." (((Hmmmm....OK. I'm used to waiting. And how about YOU WAIT....while I punch you in the......never mind.)))

Saturday, July 30, 2011

9 Weeks

We had a checkup Thursday, and I was exactly 9 weeks. We were able to get some great pictures of our sweet little fortune cookie!

We found out that because I am 35, I'll be followed by a high risk doctor in addition to my regular OB-GYN.

Heartbeat: 177
Measuring 9 weeks, 1 day

How am I feeling: Tired! I give out easily, and my house shows it. Yesterday afternoon marked my second terrible headache since becoming pregnant. These headaches wipe me out, and there is no relief from them except sleeping it off. The acid-reflux comes and goes. Nausea presents itself daily, but I think it might be tapering off. I want to be hungry!!!

Food cravings/aversions: Really loving Cherry Lime Icees and baked potatoes. When it comes to most food, in general, nothing sounds good. I have to make myself eat.

Sleep: I'm sleeping well! And alot!

Weight gain: None yet! But my waistline tells a different story. I've welcomed maternity pants into my world, and I love wearing them to work since I have to sit most of the day.