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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day #30, January 23, 2010
Prenatal vitamin
Folic acid supplement
Antiobiotic (twice daily)
E2V (Estriadiol) suppository (in the PM before bedtime)
*NEW* Progesterone intramuscular injection (1 ml in the PM) - hormone normally produced after ovulation, needed to prepare for embryo implantation.

I'm posting tonight from my couch at 612! Home at last! What an exciting week it's been....definitely one Keith and I will remember for the rest of our lives. We are thrilled to be home.

Egg retrieval went well this morning. We arrived at the clinic at 9:30 as instructed. Almost immediately, Titi called us back. Keith and I were led to one of the prep rooms. There were a few forms for us to sign before the procedure, and the anesthesiologist was there to discuss his part. I chose to opt out of anesthesia during the procedure to avoid having to go into the hospital's OR. I didn't lose that dang 12 pounds I've been fretting about. And due to those steroids I've been taking everyday, I've gained about 10 more. That's another story for another day, and right now, I couldn't care less what I weigh. Instead of being asleep for the procedure, I was only given oxygen and a mild, short-lasting medication in an IV that was administered periodically throughout the procedure, which lasted a total of about 10 minutes. It was no picnic. I shall not sugar-coat. But then again, no one ever said it wouldn't hurt when my ovaries were punctured. It could've been worse, I'm sure. The worst part was the initial stab, which came after I was asked to take a deep breath and cough hard. My blood pressure got somewhat high during the procedure, but it came right down as soon as it was over. Dr. Saleh called me courageous and seemed very impressed that I was able to make it thru all five follicles. It was obvious from their reactions that this was a rare occurrance. I keep telling Keith and Mom that when I do get pregnant and am delivering, I may just ask the doctor to step aside while I deliver my own baby. I do believe after all of this, it would be a cake walk.

I recovered for about 20 minutes afterwards in the holding area. My blood pressure and temperature was monitored, and ahhhhhh......Mary (one of the IVF nurses) brought me a cold diet coke. I met Mary for the first time on Thursday. She is an RN from SIRM-St Louis and has been in Dallas this week helping out with retrievals. Around 11:30, we were leaving the office and on our way to Denny's. I was starving. (Or as Mom called it...."Dendy's.")

I can't brag enough about the staff and Dr. Saleh at SIRM-Dallas. I have not dealt with anyone there that I felt didn't know me personally. We feel so taken care of and cared about while we are there. We know everyone there is rooting us on and wanting the absolute best for us. It has definitely been worth the distance and driving. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dr. Saleh will be calling us tomorrow with a report on how many of the five fertilized. We are praying for all five eggs tonight to be five growing embryos tomorrow! I feel disconnected tonight in a way. All of the hours and time and medication and injections to get those little eggs to where they are....they are mine. And to think about them being all alone in a dark lab so many miles away tonight sort of makes me sad. That is probably silly to think that way. We should receive yet another phone call on Tuesday with a full embryo report about the grade quality and cell numbers of the embryos. So, now, we're waiting for the phone to ring. I wanted to go to church tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be leaving until I hear from Dr. Saleh.

We were on our way home from Dallas by 12:30. It rained most of the way home. I was given something right before I left the clinic for pain that made me sleep very well the whole way home. We made it home around 6:00. The girls were happy to see us. And we were even happier to see them.

It was great having Mom and Mike with us. They drove in Friday and drove back with us today. We had a great night with them last night. Keith drove us into Plano to a nice mall. Mom and I shopped in Macy's for almost two hours, while Keith and Mike explored the rest of the mall. Mom and I both bought us a comfortable outfit for the doctor's appointment. Mom also bought a purse in the mall that is quite lovely. We ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse before returning to our rooms. All I have to say about that place is YUM!!!! That was the absolute best steak I've ever had.....a great way to start my no food/no drink fasting. Speaking of fasting, I may try my hand again at that in the next few days in an attempt to get some of these extra pounds off.

To all of our friends and family who are keeping up with us on our blog and Facebook, we love you. We would not be doing as well as we are without your support and prayers. God has been and continues to comfort us and give us the strength we need to make it through this each day...even when we're tired or hormonal or worried or anxious. He is there.

*~*Baby dust and vibes and loves for Our Fabulous Five!*~* ........

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