"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's New With Us

Hi bloggie friends!

It's hard to believe summer 2011 is here already! The south Arkansas heat is here, and I'm already extra thankful for my air conditioning!

J is so glad to be finished with 8th grade, and he isn't hesitating rubbing in the fact that he doesn't have to get up early for three months. He's had a good first year at his new school, and we're happy. It's so hard to believe the sweet, short 8-year old I met almost six years ago now is as tall as his Dad. Freshman year and driver's permit are just around the corner.

K started online classes last month. He's pursuing a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. The entire program is online. So far, he loves it. I admire him for his dedication, as I'm not sure I could focus. But, he's doing great and has all A's. Smarty pants. In addition to his new college endeavor, he's still working long, odd hours at work. I miss him.

We are in the process of trying IVF again with our Dallas clinic. I'm on my third week of Lupron injections, which are giving me headaches daily that hurt just enough to be annoying. There is a story behind our cycle this time....a very special one. We were donated seven frozen embryos by an anonymous couple at our clinic. Our embryo transfer will be June 13 - 16. This is a true miracle for us. Because of my poor egg quality issue, our chance of success using my eggs not good. Neither of our insurances touched egg donor, which is the plan our RE suggested. I began looking into embryo donation (and even posted a blog post about it,) and K and I just felt like this could be exactly for us. We had no idea how to go about finding embryos, whether to go through an agency, or what; so on a whim, I decided to talk to my RE. To make a long story short, ,my RE's office called with the news about finding us a donor only three days after we inquired. The news came along at the perfect time, and we both knew God was leading us to do this. We thank God for this amazing opportunity! We are so excited!

Our house is finally finished!!! I plan on posting pictures soon! It's been nice to clear out construction clutter and wipe sheet rock dust off of furniture for the LAST TIME. Today, I cleaned out the room that will be our baby's room.

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  1. Hooray!!!! You know I'm so happy and excited for you and ready for the lupron headaches to be gone--they are the pits! I can hardly believe it's almost here and can't stop smiling ear to ear when I think about this wonderful story!!! Glad the construction is finished so you can start planning your baby room and that J had a great year and is off to high school next year--wow!!! Wishing hubby good luck with his classes too, definitely more discipline than I have!! :)