"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day #25, January 18, 2010
Ganirelix injection
(125 mcg half dose in the AM)
Dexamethasone tablet
(1 tablet in the AM)
Folic Acid supplement
Prenatal vitamin
E2V (Estradiol) suppository in the PM
Follistim injection
(375 units in the PM)
Menopur injection
(1 vial in the PM)

Wow, what a day!!! It has been awhile since 4:00 this morning when this day first started. We made it to Dallas around 10:00 this morning and checked into our room before our appointment. We are happy with where we are staying. It is a small and no frills kind of place, but it's cozy and perfect for us. It has a full size refrigerator, small dinette set, microwave, and two burner electric stovetop. The bed is a little squeeky, but it's not hard as a rock. We took a lovely afternoon siesta on it after lunch today.

Now for the most important part of this post: our appointment. It was at 11:15 this morning. We arrived early to a full waiting room of familiar faces. Most every woman that was there during my last doctor's visit was also there today. We didn't have to wait long. Heather took me back to draw blood, then came back for both of us about 10 minutes later for my exam. Dr. S saw two good sized follicles on the right ovary, measuring 11.5 mm and 13.5 mm. From what I have read tonight, a 19 - 20 mm follicle is considered a mature follicle. Dr S. could not see any measureable follicles on the left ovary, but he said "there are many in the making." My uterine lining is 9, which anything >9 is considered good (according to what I've read tonight.) Of course, I couldn't think of a single question to ask him at the time, so I've been Googling my questions tonight. I still have alot of questions, so I'm planning on calling Titi tomorrow. We met briefly with Heather to get further instructions on meds after the exam. My only question at that time was "is it normal to not be ready for retrieval yet?" She said that no one is ever ready for retrieval on the first day of monitoring, so that made me feel better. She also said quality is more important than quantity, so Dr. S would rather have 5 great eggs rather than 20 so-so eggs. Everything I've read online tonight said slow growing follicles are better than fast growing ones. I just pray I continue progressing.

Dr. S instructed me to keep taking my meds as usual and come back on Thursday for another check. If I'm ready then, I'll take my trigger shot Thursday night and go in for retrieval 36 hours later on Saturday. This is not exactly the schedule either of us was expecting, but when has my life ever turned out as scheduled or expected? Answer: Never. We discussed getting up in the morning and driving home, since we don't have to be back at the doctor until Thursday. We decided to stay. I miss the girls like crazy, but I know Mom's taking excellent care of them. I'd rather stay put for the next few days and try to enjoy our time rather than keep the road hot for the next three days. We have our room for the week anyway.

We bought a camera yesterday. I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. I am probably going to run short on meds since I've got to continue taking them this week. Heather said there is a local pharmacy in Plano that fills IVF drugs, so it shouldn't be a problem getting some refills. I will be calling her tomorrow to discuss the meds further and ask the following: What if a follicle gets TOO big? I'm concerned about those two on the right side. What does my lining need to be at? What were the results of my bloodwork today?

Keith is already out. He's tired. He tried to sleep on the way up here this morning but wasn't very successful. He took a three hour nap this afternoon that seemed to make him feel alot better. I'm tired too. Going to go finish up my meds for the day and turn in. We are planning on driving to Grapevine tomorrow since it's supposed to rain most of the day.

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